The Right Way to Quit your Job

By | June 13, 2017
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Quitting your Job is not as simple as you had always thought. There are basic things you need to take note of in order to quit your Job Gracefully and Formally. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Quitting your Job for any reason – whether it is because you are unhappy or you are embarking on a new opportunity – requires sensitivity and planning“.

Sadly, most employees are more concerned about their first days at work; much more than they are concerned about their last days. Your last days at work are perhaps more important to your career than the days you spent when you first joined that organization.
The last impression your boss and colleagues take about you stays with them forever. You want to make it a good one.
Listed below are few things you should do before and after leaving your Job.


Inform your organization about your departure.

Once you are sure you want to leave your present Job, you have to first write a resignation letter and also tell your boss in person. It is graceful to quit formally. Don’t just disappear and burn all bridges. Time flies fast and things change rapidly. You would most likely need that relationship in future. Even if you are angry with your boss or the company, it is still important to write a resignation letter and quit professionally. You could also request for a letter of recommendation from your boss. This will help you in searching for Jobs in future.

Notify them early enough

This might not be possible in all cases, but as much as possible, you should give them at least 2 weeks notice. One thing you should remember is now that you are leaving, you are putting them in a tight position because they would have to spend extra time and resources looking for someone that can replace you. You should be fair enough to give them as much time as you can. Some employers require a month’s salary refunded to the company in lieu of notice. If that is the case for you, make sure you negotiate and refund the salary. In any case try not to leave abruptly.

Review all the agreements you signed.

Be sure to review any agreement you have made with the company. Some employees leave a particular organization and are not able to get a new Job because of the kind of agreement(s) they had signed before turning in their resignation.
If your organization had trained you and required you to sign bond agreement for some years, you have to review that agreement and understand the terms properly. Also look out for some benefits that you are entitled to before you finally leave the company. Donna Ballman (am Employment Attorney) suggested that you do so because some employers may find reasons not to pay you once you are gone.

Don’t leave with the company’s property.

If you had to work with any of the company’s property, you should try not to take any of it on your way to your new workplace; phones, pens, books, staplers. No matter how small they are, be sure to drop every company’s property to avoid being accused of stealing. Don’t also take away company’s documents that are in your possession.

Go the last Extra Mile

Before you finally leave, make sure you don’t slack in the roles you are supposed to play. You might be tempted to take your mind off your present Job since you are leaving soon. Don’t give in to that temptation. This is the time to prove to them even more that they are losing a valuable asset. Your boss will most likely want to maximize your last days and will as a result give you loads of responsibilities; allow him. If he asks you to train a colleague before going, do it wholeheartedly. Go the last extra mile.

Be Truthful

If get an opportunity to speak to your boss or your colleagues about why you are leaving and where you are leaving to, be truthful. Tell them the opportunity that lies ahead because if you don’t, they will still find out sooner or later. Don’t tell your boss something different from what you have told your colleagues. Be TRUTHFUL.

Be Thankful

Don’t seize any slight opportunity to download all the negative things about the company that you have been piling up. This is the best time to appreciate your boss for the experience you have had working with him and things you have learnt as well. You don’t need to be negative since you are already leaving. Don’t also talk too much about where you are going to. Don’t say things that will intimidate your colleagues and make them feel they are in a bad company. If your present Job has not done anything tangible for you, at least it has kept food on your table and helped you gain so much experience.


  1. Service the relationship you have already created while working with your colleagues and for your boss. Don’t delete contacts and cut all means of communication.
  2. If your boss calls you for help over the phone or via email, respond and offer to help. If possible, you could offer to help where help is not requested. It further strengthens your relationship with them.
  3. Don’t talk bad about your former boss or workplace. It is very important in your career. Your new boss would assume that you would say the same about him/her sooner or later.
  4. Don’t steal the company’s clients. It is more honorable to get your own clients or at least allow those clients come to you themselves.

Irrespective of the reasons you are leaving your company, it is far better to leave Gracefully and Professionally. In her article, Annette Richmond said, “…always remember the golden rule of leaving an employer; Don’t burn bridges”.
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