About Me


Hi, this is David from Nigeria. Welcome to FOWOSERE.com

As an undergraduate studying Mathematics at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, I was nicknamed “Fowosere” which literally transliterates as “Use money to play”. I was given this name because I always thought and talked about things I could do to get more money. Yes, that is what I do for leisure; think and learn about businesses. I spend a large chunk of my time thinking about the next thing I can do to get extra cash. Most times, I end up materializing these ideas and sharing them with others.

I started blogging on FOWOSERE.com to archive these ideas about businesses and to also make them available to you. I also derive satisfaction in helping people start and grow their businesses.

I am not yet an expert business consultant, I simply enjoy helping people stay out of “Being Broke”. Not all the ideas and tips you get from here are solely my ideas. I draw from the wealth of knowledge online and from successful business owners.
Most of the business ideas (definitely not all of them) on this blog are for students and low income earners who probably do not have enough capital to start a large scale business.

In addition, I write on topics concerning business tips, careers and jobs, success stories of thriving businesses and business news generally.
If you have any question, suggestions or need any help, you can send me a mail at


Thank you!!!