8 Proven Tips for Staying Happy at Work

By | June 20, 2017
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In 2013, Gallup released a report stating that only 13% of employee around the world are actively engaged with their Job. Well, am not sure you need the brain of an Astronaut to know that most employees are not Happy at Work. As a matter of fact, you probably are also unhappy at work and wish you could quit. Quitting your Job is probably the last step you should think of taking. All the help you need to stay happy at work are here.

You should know that workers who are actively engaged at work are twice as productive as those who are either not engaged or actively disengaged. According to the same report by Gallup, the 87% of employees worldwide who are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces are less likely to be productive. This means that going to work for them has become a frustrating daily ritual. For them, it is what is unanimously called a “Necessary Evil”.
If you are very serious about attaining Success in your Career, then you must not take how you feel about your workplace with levity. Largely hinged on your Happiness at Work is a smooth and productive career journey. I have enumerated a few things you can start doing today to stay happy at work.

1) Make your mind up

Every single thing we experience begins with a choice. Whether consciously or otherwise you can’t really do or experience something you have not made up your mind about. So the first and most important step you must take in maintaining happiness at work is to decide that nothing would take away your happiness. That sounds like a very difficult thing to do; no doubts. But with practice, you will learn to make your mind up and keep it made up. Keep your mind fixed on the importance of staying happy at work. That will help you to stay happy no matter what.

2) Be Content; Don’t compare yourself with others

We are all either once guilty of this or still guilty if it. We always wish we were this or had this or earned this. The bad news is you will never get ALL you want exactly the way you want them or at the time you do. Your wants are insatiable and if you get yourself all worked up about satisfying them, you’ll  never be happy. Don’t hinge your happiness on what you have or earn. If you are diligent and consistent, you  eventually get to that future. The only thing is by the time you get there, there would be another future to get to. So take your time, enjoy the moment and make the best out of it. That is the quickest way to get to your desired future.

3) Don’t bring personal problems to work

Frustrated EmployeeWe always advice people not to allow their commitments at work affect their family life, but we forget to advice them not to allow their family life affect their commitment at work. If you are really going to enjoy your career, then you should strike a balance between your career and your personal life. Don’t bring personal issues to work. Personal and Family issues can be so overwhelming. If you carry them over to work you would lose concentration, become frustrated and less productive and ultimately become unhappy. So, as much as you can, resolve all personal issues before getting to work. Any issue that remains unresolved should be kept aside till after work hours.

4) Get a Companion and a Mentor

Workplace friendHaving a companion does not only help  you stay happy at work, it helps you stay happy anytime and anywhere. If you really want to enjoy happiness, you should should get a companion. Someone you can share your concerns with and get encouragement from. Someone you can chat with during breaks or after the days work. If you have a work companion, you would always look forward to resuming work everyday and that will take your mind off the stress at work.
Secondly, you need a mentor. And by that, I mean someone who is way more experienced than you are on the Job. Not necessarily your direct boss, just someone you can unofficially walk up to for some advice on how to work effectively.

5) Be Useful; Solve Problems

There is a level of excitement that comes with solving problems. If you have ever been the brain behind a successful project, you will understand this better. Nothing makes one as sad as the feeling of not being useful. It can be depressing to see others making things happen, meeting targets, completing projects and leading teams while you are just at a spot. So, don’t be an onlooker. Find something to do; something nobody has done or can do.
It can be as small as making sure your boss’s lunch is always ready before he requests for it or as significant as closing a multi-million dollar deal. Anything you do, make sure you are useful.

6) Control your environment

Select the right colleagues

Your environment includes everything that surrounds and influences you. At your workplace, it comprises of your colleagues. There are colleagues at your workplace who are so full of negativity. They are not happy about the Job and they are bothered when they see someone else being happy. You should avoid this set of people. The human mind is magnetic in nature. Whatever you see and hear consistently over a long period takes root in your mind. So if you keep unhappy people around you too often, you begin to feel unhappy. Of you surround yourself with lazy colleagues too, it won’t take long before you pick up the bad habit like them. If you want to stay happy, stay away from any form of unhappiness.

7) Take short breaks during work hours

In every ideal organization, there is usually a short time (say mins) set aside for break. This is the time people get to unwind and get some air. However, this break period is not enough if you really want to kill boredom. Breaks are not efficient when they are lengthy, they are efficient when they are frequent. People who sit longer that 4 hours at a stretch on their Jobs are more likely to get bored and unhappy. From time to time, stand up, walk around, talk to colleagues, use the rest room. Just make sure you are not glued to your sit.

8) Reward yourself

So many years ago, when we were much younger, our parents would make promises to reward us if we could pass our exams and top the class. This made reading more fun. Eventually, it helped most of us attain good grades in school. This works perfectly for everyone else and in several other cases. If there is no reward, there would be little or no motivation. You can take reward yourself with a movie you have not had time to see or a place you have been longing to go. You can buy yourself clothes, shoes, gadgets or even take yourself out. Reward yourself after completing a project, meeting a target, getting a promotion or even successfully finishing a day’s Job. Rewarding yourself after a successful task is a great way to trick your mind to enjoy working next time.
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