5 Things you can do without a Bachelor’s Degree

By | May 31, 2017
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The kind of society we live in expects us to start school from Nursery to Primary to Secondary and then University. Then get a manageable Job, rent a small apartment, get married, raise a family and with a little more determination, further your education and build your own house before you clock 50.
A lot of young people who are trying hard to live up to that expectation end up killing their dreams and visions in the process; sad story! The truth remains that nobody’s destiny is tied to one and only one kind of profession, neither should success in life  be determined by how much of formal education a person has acquired.

If you have spent a lot of years reading a course you didn’t apply for or on a Job you don’t like or you have struggled endlessly to get a formal education to no avail, then you are reading the right article. It is never too late to make turn and do what you are really passionate about. You don’t need to keep enduring. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and not endured. True success is when and only when you are doing what you love and what you love is solving problems for others. Eventually, you will attract wealth (which in itself is not a measure of success).


When I say “make a turn“, I don’t literally mean dropping out of school or quitting your Job. I don’t also mean relenting your effort in pursuing a formal education. There is a right way to do things.
While all of that is going on, you should create time to start learning about and practicing your true passions.
The first way to start is by identifying successful individuals in your field of interest and following them closely. That way you learn how to become like them.
Next, I’ll advice you to start practicing in every way you can. You can choose to volunteer on weekends or to work closely with someone already in that field.

Lastly, you should take short courses, either online or offline, in that field. This will help you attain a certificate which will serve as a proof that you truly have knowledge in this field.
I have highlighted few things you can become without having to acquire a degree.

1. Photographer

Photographers are gradually becoming one of the highest paid professionals. It has become clearer that photography pays; whether it is Political Photography, Aerial Photography, Wedding Photography, Architectural Photography, Fashion Photography, Documentary Photography and so on. It is one of the highest paying services you can render today.
However, photography has not been well integrated into the educational system, especially that of African countries. How then can someone become a professional Photographer?
Yes! Your guess is right. By practicing photography. Pick a field or two in photography that you want to focus on (no need to do all), get a good digital camera and start taking as many pictures as you can per day.
You can start by taking about a thousand pictures every week; the more pictures you take, the better you become at photographing. No doubts!

2. Digital Marketer

The world is not going Digital. It is already digital. Almost everything has gone online from businesses, to business consulting, to shopping, to education, to banking, to seminars and so on. Marketing is not left out. It has gone digital too. Every business owner that is still dependent solely on traditional marketing on Newspapers, Radio, Television and Billboards must be a “traditional business owner”. Since about half of the world’s population is already online, the demand for Digital Marketers is on the high rise.
But just like photography, you can learn Digital Marketing by yourself. The best way to learn digital marketing is to launch your own website (preferably a blog) and start with content marketing. Write great contents that will draw traffic to your site and with that traffic, you can start practicing digital marketing. With the help of so many free self paced  courses online, you can learn other aspects of Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate marketing and in short time.

3. Graphics Designer

As much as they need a Digital Marketer, every organization or business needs a Web Designer for branding and re-branding. If you want to start taking advantage of all Graphics Design has to offer, you can do so irrespective of the field you are already into or the course you are already studying in college. All you need might just be a working computer system and internet supply. You might also want to take up courses at training centers where you can get more skilled at Graphics Design.
There are also hundreds of video tutorials that can guide you in learning Graphics Design. You don’t need to practice Graphics design more often than you eat if you want to become very good at it.

4. Public Speaker

My Dad is a Dental Technologist by profession but he has a great flair for learning through the internet. He has nothing less than 4 postgraduate degrees and several other certifications that he acquired online. Sometimes ago, he was invited to speak to his colleagues about “The Importance of Digital Learning” and was given a mouth watering honorarium at the end. He didn’t need to study any special course in Digital Learning or on Public Speaking itself. He just had to share his experience. That is what public speaking is about. You must have one or two experiences or even a passion that people will be interested in hearing about. Start seeking opportunities to speak about it at events. The more you speak, the better you become at speaking and the more invitation you get to speak. The first time is not always remarkable. Don’t feel disappointed. If you are consistent and patient enough, you will enjoy the reward.

5. Consultant

A consultant is a person whose occupation is to be consulted for their expertise or advice in a particular area of specialty. If you have expertise in a field, you can act as a mentor for other companies or organization. Consultancy is a different profession on it’s own. For example, you can be a Digital Marketing consultant, a Business consultant or an Educational consultant. In each case, you would be offering your expertise for sale.

Please take note that this article was not put together to discourage formal education in anyway. The university system creates an environment that helps you survive in the real world and there are several careers you cannot pursue without a University degree. However, this should not supposed to be a limitation. There are many professions you can still delve into without a University degree.
This article is meant to show you how much of a limitation you are putting on yourself because you don’t have a University degree and how to take those limits off.
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